Greenweek 2021 – Dani among the 30 Sustainability Factories

Greenweek is the most important italian event dedicated to sustainability. The Green Economy Festival take place in Parma from the 5th to 11th of July hosting 150 speakers, 40 events, 50 entrepreneurs and thematic focuses. From 6th to 8th of July, there is a big tour to discover the Sustainability Factories in 6 Italian regions.

Will it be possible to travel with zero emissions in the future? Is it possible to reduce chemistry in agriculture? How to manage the large flows of world tourism that are reactivating after the pandemic? Can the fashion system actually be sustainable? What impact will sustainability have on the world of finance? Is architecture adequately addressing the issues relating to energy saving and the use of new, less impactful materials? The Green Economy Festival will try to answer these and other questions, which, as part of the Green Week, will be held in Parma from the 5th to 11th of July. An event which, in compliance with all safety standards and protocols, it will take place totally in presence. At the same time, as a corollary to the event located in the Emilian city, more than 150 PhD students from the main Italian universities will be able to visit through six Italian regions, the over 30 “Sustainability Factories”, companies, including Dani, which have undertaken by years the course of sustainability.

Dani’s agenda at The Green Economy Festival:

7th July 2021 – Tour of the Sustainability Factories

Green Week is not only the time for the Festival, but also includes a tour of the “Factories of Sustainability” to discover more than thirty companies scattered in six Italian regions, real excellence protagonists of innovation in the field of eco-sustainability. Companies that invest, also as a competitive lever, on issues such as circular economy, reuse, sustainable waste management and emission reduction, energy saving and new forms of energy, new construction techniques and sustainability of means of transport, social and environmental responsibility business.

9th July 2021 at 3:00pm – Casa della Musica, Parma

Leather, eco-leather, plastic and alternative materials. The value of words. Who is greener? ” What are the terms we have learned about the new green products in the sector? What is the real ecological impact of these materials and which is the best model of sustainable production? Luca Tasso, collaborator of L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, leads the event curated by Unic, which sees as guests Fulvia Bacchi, director of UNIC Italian Tanneries, Viola Dalle Mese, marketing director of Tannery Montebello, and Giancarlo Dani, CEO of Dani, Patrizia Pierro, legal service and trademarks UNIC Italian Tanneries.

10th July 2021 at 11:30 – Casa della Musica, Parma

The event, curated by Unic, titled “From waste to resource, a concrete contribution to the circular economy” is dedicated to the ideas put into practice for the recovery and reuse of production waste. Speakers Pietro Succol, environmental manager Dal Maso Group, Giacomo Zorzi, of UNIC Italian Tanneries, Andrea Sapri, Dani environment manager.

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