“Back to the origin", forward to the future.

Tanning production is based on the recovery of a by-product, bovine leather, from the food chain. The ultimate goal is to transform it into a raw material for manufacturers of premium materials. However, in one of the early stages of hide processing, the stage of traditional hair removal, there is a considerable use of environmentally impactful chemicals.
It is in these stages that DANI's R&D has focused on improving, in a revolutionary way, the chemical technology aspect of the process. Replacing the products normally used with others of lower environmental impact.
At times even eliminating some of these products.

A new production philosophy for a green revolution.

We believe that our customers' trust is gained and strengthened not only by what we do, but by how we do it. What are DANI's choices that revolutionize these processes and pathways? We have eliminated sulfides, replacing them with a much less impactful product, hydrogen peroxide. Hydrated lime has been replaced by another alkalizer that has a product LCA with significantly better characteristics. All surfactants normally present in these two phases are eliminated and replaced, improving the purification phase and the specific characteristics on the processed leathers. 

Raw material

Bovine hide


Free from heavy metals

Customizable colours

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Sustainable technological solutions

These choices result in great advantages. The elimination of the unpleasant odour, from the hair removal operation, significantly decreases and at the end of the process, highlighting, the characteristic scent of real leather. After the oxidation process, the leathers appear perfectly and completely clean, resulting in better dyeability. The lower presence of sulfates and COD in wastewater greatly simplifies the purification of process waste water. As the water no longer contains sulfides, the crust, fleshings,

and pezzamino become more easily processed into reusable by-products. By eliminating hydrated lime, in which production releases CO2, we improve the environmental impact. Finally, this new process production philosophy also allows important water savings ranging from 20% to 30%. "Back to the origin" is a great new milestone in our philosophy, based on the desire and courage to always challenge ourselves to what’s best for the people and the planet. 


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