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Traceability of the supply chain of raw hides

Traceability refers to the ability to monitor and verify the origin of the raw material all the way to the finished product, with the intent of ensuring the sustainable origin of the rawhide, in accordance with ethical and environmental standards.

This verification, in addition to proving an intentional and ethical purchase of raw hides from areas that are not at risk of deforestation, also allows us to know that the animals have lived respectfully and achieved compliance with international standards and regulations. This involves accurate recording of information regarding where the animals came from, the conditions under which they were raised, and the general treatment they received.

As a guarantee of compliance with these conditions, DANI has obtained and continues to maintain TS SC 410 "Raw Material Traceability for all hides" certification and the "Animal Welfare Risk" analysis tool, verified by the ICEC certifying body.

They verify the countries of origin of the slaughterhouses and farms where the raw hides and skins come from.

Thanks to internal reworking on the purchase value of hides and skins related to 2023, this map guarantees and reinforces our commitment.

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