Arzignano Capitale della Pelle

Monday, February 26th, in the Achille Beltrame Council Chamber of Arzignano, Mayor Alessia Bevilacqua and Deputy Mayor Enrico Marcigaglia presented the certificate of partnership to Knight Giancarlo Dani for the registered trademark "Arzignano Capitale della Pelle". "Capitale della Pelle" is a registered trademark obtained in October 2021 from the Ministry of Economic Development, identifying the city of Arzignano as a global center of excellence in the leather processing industry and its related supply chain. It is a long-term project aimed at enhancing the territory, entrepreneurship and culture with pillars based on quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. "Capitale della Pelle" also aims to be the collective and public brand through which Arzignano presents itself to the world, showcasing its companies, workers, shops, schools, and excellence. In the perspective of a collective and inclusive territorial brand, all activities in the supply chain that have developed unique and specific expertise through tanning, contributing to the complex functioning of the district, are considered strategic. 

The attainment of this certification is the result of a proud journey. Over the past few months, we have submitted comprehensive documentation related to the 10 specific requirements outlined in the regulation: contributions, safety, environment, legality and morality, municipal taxes.

DANI is among the signatories of the "Enterprises for people and society manifesto".

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