Dani presents innovation for the automotive industry in Stuttgart

From November 9 to 11, the Italian tannery will attend the Automotive Interiors Expo 2021, Europe’s largest exhibition dedicated to the latest technologies and materials for the automotive industry.

Attending one of the most important international trade fairs for manufacturers of materials, surfaces, fabrics and components for car interiors, Dani will be protagonist at Automotive Interiors Expo 2021, held in Stuttgart from November 9 to 11 November. A great chance for the interior design teams of leading car manufacturers to get in touch with innovation and latest developments in materials, finishes and technologies that contribute to the exclusive touch & feel that distinguishes each product on the market. The leading Italian tannery, recognised all over the world for the high quality standards of its workmanship, its continuous research and technological innovation and its deep social and environmental responsibility, will introduce the latest collections created to meet the different needs of design and comfort in the interiors of the main car brands.

Dani has achieved an extensive experience, with a dedicated division, alongside the most established and prestigious international brands in the automotive sector, with the production and average weekly processing of 26,000 leathers, both whole and cut, destined for various uses: from steering wheels to seats, from gear levers to dashboards, through to headrests and armrests, meeting the highest standards in the sector. Available in more than 200 colours in 12 collections, 6 for car interiors and 6 for steering wheels, the products are characterised by high aesthetic quality but also reliability over time, thanks to special attention to the origin of the raw materials and scrupulous quality controls throughout the production chain.

In the recent years, Dani’s objective has focused on guaranteeing a controlled and sustainable supply chain, certifying the origin of its hides, 95% of which come from Europe and the rest from areas of the world where no deforestation takes place. Today, the company is at the forefront of sustainable leather production and the first company in the world to receive sustainability certification for its ability to measure the impact of its products in full compliance with the principles of the circular economy: in fact, each Dani product is created from the recovery of a raw material waste from the food industry and, at the end of the process, foresees the transformation of the processing waste to be introduced into other supply chains. Finally, Dani’s leathers are also distinguished by the infinite possibilities of customisation: from design, to extremely flexible cutting even on small runs, to the possibility of making perforations of different shapes and sizes, custom stitching, and hot printing of customised logos and lettering.

Automotive is becoming a more and more strategic sector for us to focus on,” says Giancarlo Dani, President and CEO of Dani S.p.A.Today we are honoured to supply high quality leathers to the most prestigious automotive brands and we are ready to respond to the ever new requirements of design, technical performance and attention to the environment required by a market in strong recovery and growth. This international trade fair gives us the opportunity to present the fruit of our commitment to research and our technical skills for increasingly technological, natural and long-lasting leathers”.

The latest collections for the Automotive sector, between performance and attention to the environment, are Zero Impact, the Lightweight project and Supernatural.

Zero Impact technology reduces water consumption, the use of chemicals, pollution load and zero CO2 emissions. It is a leather tanned without chrome and without heavy metals that guarantees an extreme saving of energy and natural resources and that reaches Zero Emission thanks to the offsetting programmes that Dani promotes. Over the years, the offsetting plans, which refer to the product’s entire life cycle and not just the tannery’s processes, have included both planting projects and offsetting through the purchase of CERs (Certified Emission Reduction) credits promoted by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In the Lightweight project, on the other hand, the lightness of leather, combined with a more contemporary taste and a more functional design, becomes one of the main levers for sustainable development: leathers with a density and weight up to 20% lower, but able to guarantee the same performance as traditional leathers and minimum environmental impact thanks to the contribution of multiple factors: low molecular weight chemistry, specific phases of the production process and textures conceived to pursue a low density of a light, dynamic and low environmental impact leather. Feather is the lightweight version of leather articles for the automotive sector. It was created with the aim of reducing the weight of the leather without changing its thickness. A ready-to-use solution, where the light version is indistinguishable from the original article in design and thickness, except for the specific weight. Air is the result of Dani’s cutting-edge research: extremely light and with a natural feel.

With the Supernatural collection, Dani brings back the original essence of real leather, with its natural and authentic feel where each piece encompasses nuances and a unique and unrepeatable character that evolves and improves with the passage of time and the passing of miles.

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