Dani and Zenvo together to present Tsr-s. Exclusivity in all its forms.

Dani e Zenvo insieme per l'hypercar Tsr-s

Dani and Zenvo together to present Tsr-s, a new hyper car with interiors designed in close collaboration between the two brands.

The Minerva leather, chosen in black and blue and made precious with precise perforation processes, creates an exclusive and refined but at the same time extremely technical touch in the passenger compartment.

The Danish car manufacturer Zenvo builds its cars by offering total customization, each car is created starting from the customer’s choices, therefore each car is different both outside and inside.

They are dream projects, extremely personalized and with specific race-ready characteristics: approved to go on the road, where every detail expresses the soul of the paddock.

The first Tsr-s frame with Dani interiors is number 3: Alcantara and leather come together to give life to the most exclusive of Zenvo productions. It is an evocative model, to show how far you can go in realizing your ideas and dreams.

What characteristics must a leather suitable for a car like Tsr-s have?

Tsr-s must be ready for the road, but above all for the track days: obviously, the performances of resistance to use and time are guaranteed, but above all the center of the study is the driver, and the necessary comfort to face a session on the track.

Those who drive on the track have to deal with the tension and the physical commitment of driving to the limit, moreover they often wear dedicated technical clothing: it is immediately clear why perspiration becomes a very important topic in the choice of materials to use to build a seat or a steering wheel.

To manage evaporation

Heat and humidity of the driver’s body must pass through the leather and be free to evaporate: that’s why perforations become a fundamental feature.

nd it was here that Dani and Zenvo immediately found themselves in harmony, together for Tsr-s: a large collection of perforated leathers is combined with the know-how in the field, managed by a dedicated project manager and by company staff ready to take care of every phase of customization. A complete control of the supply chain, in essence.

The availability of already consolidated technologies, the experience gained and the possibility of creating a customized design were the foundations to create this new project, up to the promises that a supercar like Tsr-s brings with itself.

Dani and Zenvo together for Tsr-s: a custom design

The characteristic design of Zenvo is a hexagonal shape, Dani has developed a perforation which recalls and evolve this theme.

This geometry is similar to other elements of the car’s bodywork and grille designs. A slender, elongated shape that transmits fluidity and momentum.

In this way, elements connected by a well-defined design, functional to the driver and aesthetically unique, are created inside and outside the car.

Alongside this, there will be the possibility of customizations dedicated to the individual customer, a real individual design: even for leather it will be possible to develop special forms of perforation and carry them out in our “operations” department.

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