At the time of Covid-19: caring for leather

The state of health emergency due to Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of hand hygiene, in order to prevent and reduce the transmission of infections.

The official guidelines recommend to carefully wash your hands very often during the day and to use sanitizing products also for the cleaning of enclosed spaces. These are prevention measures to reduce the incidence and the propagation of these pathogens.

Automotive interiors can be considered enclosed spaces, therefore Dani’s team has analyzed the effect of sanitizing products on the leather surfaces. Steering wheel, seats, and dashboard are obviously the internal surfaces of the car with which we come more into contact.

In this context, Dani’s team carried out a study, thanks to specific tests, to comprehend the effect of sanitizing products on leather surfaces.

What is clearly visible is that the performance of the leather complies with the automotive standards even after the continuous contact with alcohol-based products.

This result has allowed Dani to demonstrate to automotive customers that steering wheels, seats, and dashboards made of Dani leather keep their performance unaltered even after the continuous use of alcohol-based sanitizing solutions including hand gel.

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