Italian Design Masterclass in China

Dani accepted the invitation to participate in Italian Design Masterclass scheduled for the month of September in Shanghai. An event organized by ICE – an Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies.

Italian Design Masterclass (IDM) is a training program aimed at young Chinese designers and professionals during which it will be told how leather, a byproduct of the food industry, becomes a product of extraordinary excellence for the fashion, furniture and automotive industry.

The IDM also offers the opportunity for Dani and other Italian companies representing the excellence of Made in Italy to start training on topics such as interior, fashion and industrial design.

Dani took this opportunity to introduce the company, new products and to present the brand, the philosophy and the ability to innovate. This presented an important opportunity to consolidate the network and raise awareness of brands in the Chinese market; a market in strong growth, characterized by consumption increasingly attentive to values such as quality, design, style and innovation.

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