Create to Change: A sustainable partnership between Dani and Montblanc

Luxury Maison offsets 2020 emissions by supporting a green project in Guatemala

The vocation for sustainability and traceability of Dani spa, the Vicenza-based multinational company that is one of the world’s leading players in leather processing, continues unabated. Always a forerunner in respecting the environment and the entire production cycle, Dani Group launches the new Create to Change project with Montblanc, the luxury Maison part of the Richemont Group.

Montblanc, known worldwide for its leather goods, high quality writing instruments, watches, wearables and smart devices, has chosen to be the first to support Create to Change, the new solution developed by Dani for offsetting emissions in response to the Kyoto Protocol, taking a leadership position in addressing the issue of climate change with the goal of achieving a completely sustainable future. Montblanc will thus offset 200 tons of Co2, related to production in the year 2020, transforming a proven business partnership into a partnership for the defense of shared values of environmental sustainability.

Create to Change gets its start from traceability, which allows to map the real impact of each product. “It’s called Life Cycle Assessment System” comments Giancarlo Dani, President and CEO of the Group, “the system that allows us to assess the environmental impact of a product considering the entire life cycle of the leather, from origin to destination, without stopping only at the intermediate processes of production and transformation that take place within the tannery. Dani was the first tannery in the world to have its LCA system certified in 2011 with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a document that recognized us as pioneers in the transparency and correctness of information related to the environmental impact of our products. Create to Change is an evolution: to our clients, and first and foremost to Montblanc, we offer a complete package that together with the best made in Italy leathers also offers the offsetting of the emissions produced to make them”.

But how much impact does leather concretely have on the environment? For one square meter of Dani leather, 10% of CO2 emissions are due to tanning processes and 90% to the other single moments in the lifecycle such as breeding, packaging or transport.

“The Create to Change project allows us to make a real, measurable impact in our efforts to offer more sustainable and environmentally conscious products to our customers who seek Montblanc excellence in craftsmanship, materials, design, but also in sustainability. We are proud to be the inaugural partner of this particularly important initiative. The offsetting project created by Dani will help us to compensate 100% of the life cycle of the leathers we make together, with the shared goal of progressively reducing emissions through new organizational models, innovation processes, research and development”, says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO

Offsetting is based on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the mechanism provided for by the Kyoto Protocol that allows companies to offset their emissions by purchasing credits to finance sustainable growth projects in developing countries. Access to these projects is due to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which allows to earn credits called CERs (Certified Emission Reduction). One credit is equivalent to one ton of CO2 not emitted or absorbed. The purchase of credits makes it possible to make an ex post contribution to sustainable development and in this case to the project that Montblanc has decided to finance in Guatemala, the San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project.

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