A case study in the Circular Economy course at the University of Padua

Dani is part of the European project funded by the Eit_rawmaterials network (https://eitrawmaterials.eu) and is also part a case study in the Circular Economy course is held at the University of Padua.

Dani, located in the main Italian tanning district of Arzignano, is a typical example of the success of the circular economy model. Dani is a full-tannery utilizing that uses the bi-products of the food industry, turning it into an essential and irreplaceable component of living rooms, bags, shoes and car interiors.

For years Dani has also been committed to improving its contribution to the circular economy by reducing and transforming its production waste into reusable resources.

On Nov 12. 2020, Dani, in collaboration with the professors of the University of Padua, identified a series of topics proposed to the students of the faculty Engineering/Management in the Circular Economics course.

Among the proposed topics:

  • The field application of tools to assess the circularity of a company
  • The use of the LCA methodology for the analysis of the environmental life cycle of specific phases of the tanning process
  • The identification and collection of the best practices currently in use at European level for the management of farms with a low impact on the climate change
  • The identification of more eco-friendly types of packaging.

Each of these topics are carried out in collaboration with the students of the German research Institution Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. In the framework of project work, this provides a type of training to actively experiment the concepts learned during a training course and applying them a concrete activity.

It was a useful participation to strengthen the relationship between Dani and the University world, which reinforces the belief that the interaction between different but complementary perspectives can be a promising path in the framework of the circular economy.

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