Ecovadis sustainability rating 2022: GOLD.

Ecovadis is a multistakeholder company that aims to improve companies’ ESG practices by harnessing the influence of global logistics chains.
The ‘E’ stands for environmental and relates primarily to environmental engagement (renewable energy, energy efficiency, recycling and waste avoidance). S’ is for social: how companies treat their internal and external stakeholders (from employees to suppliers, from investors to customers).
The ‘G’ stands for governance: important, because only good corporate governance guarantees minimisation of management and reputational risks and maximisation of return in the medium and long term.
Ecovadis also runs the first collaborative platform that allows companies to monitor their suppliers’ sustainability performance in 150 sectors and 110 countries.
This makes it possible to classify and monitor risks and incorporate eco-innovations into global logistics chains.
In 2022, DANI chose the ECOVADIS assessment system to communicate its ESG positioning to its stakeholders, achieving a GOLD rating of 70/100.
This result places DANI among the 5% of companies* rated in the highest bracket. (*more than 100,000 companies are assessed).

Measure to improve: DANI embraces Magis progect.

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