Dani, Gruppo Dolomiti Energia and Finint SGR: when energy is 100% green

Unity is strength: the green alliance that has seen the historic Dani tannery, Dolomiti Energia Group and Finint Investments SGR sign a three-year 2022/2024 agreement for the supply of renewable electricity produced by photovoltaic plants is threefold. The three players from North Italy have signed an innovative off-site PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contract which, for the first time in Italy, establishes a direct link between the producer of clean energy, certified green by means of Guarantees of Origin, and the industrial user, with the dispatcher guaranteeing and controlling the entire process.

Finint SGR, the Conegliano-based asset management company of the Banca Finint Group, will produce energy through photovoltaic parks owned by some of the funds it manages, located in various regions of Italy, in order to meet the Dani Group’s electricity requirements of approximately 15 GWh per year. This supply will make it possible to avoid the overall emission of 18,000 tons of CO2 over the three-year period.

The Dolomiti Energia Group, a historic producer of renewable energy and supplier of clean energy and natural gas with customers all over Italy, will manage through its own trading company Dolomiti Energia Trading and its commercial company Dolomiti Energia the load as buyer and reseller, filling, mainly with the production of its own hydroelectric plants, the periods of lack of photovoltaic production.

And finally, Dani will use green energy to support the production that has made it one of the world’s most popular tanneries.

We have always been keen to networking and moving together towards a green ecological transition” comments Giancarlo Dani, President of Dani spa. “The ongoing climate change and its increasingly evident effects must drive us not to waste time in this journey: that is why this new agreement, among other things with large groups as our neighbours, fills us with satisfaction. This Triveneto alliance for clean energy consumption, sustainable and traceable resources really does benefit everyone”.

The new agreement ensures full traceability of the energy produced: Dani was already using electricity derived 100% from renewable sources, but since July the origin of this energy has also been defined and is part of a virtuous path of total traceability of the entire work cycle, from procurement to production and waste management.

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