PEARL PROJECT – The new technology for the magnetic fixing of hides in frame drying processes

Among the many chemical-physical and mechanical transformation processes involved in the tanning process, frame drying is an extraordinarily important treatment to give the leathers the desired technical performance and aesthetic attributes.

This project intends to develop and validate an innovative technological paradigm for fastening the leathers to the frames, a system based on the use of automated mechanical solutions and artificial vision for positioning the leathers on the frame and for fixing through innovative “magnetic pegs” .


The project has as a general objective the development and experimental validation of an innovative process of nailing the hides on frames of vertical dryers. The implementation of this system will allow competitive advantages characterized by:

  • Reduction of manual work required for drying leather;
  • Reduction of the phenomenon of blowing and of waste materials of leathers;
  • Overall optimization of the process.


The project will lead to the development of a technology that will ensure a strategic alternative to the systems currently used by tanning companies for drying leather. This system will allow to maintain a high quality of the leathers after drying, reducing the main difficulties related to traditional drying processes.

The Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – Total contribution granted to the company € 58,166.34

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