Constitutive documents

In order to achieve business goals, it is essential to share information, ideas, strategies with everyone involved in the life of the company. In this space we make available the constitutive documents of DANI, with which we wish to inspire and guide the behaviour of the people working in our company and of all our stakeholders.

Code of ethics and business conduct

DANI S.p.A has long since adopted the regulations in accordance to Legislative Decree. 231/2001, which introduced in Italy the “Discipline of the administrative responsibility of legal persons, companies and associations also without legal personality”.

In order to achieve the principles of correctness and transparency, DANI S.p.A is in line with its model 231 and has implemented:
a CODE OF ETHICS (available at www.gruppodani.it). The Code of Ethics contains the fundamental principles that govern, the Rules of Conduct and Human rights for all activities at DANI S.p.A.
A special Supervisory Board (ODV) (ODV) that supervises and verifies the correct and full application of Model 231/2001.

All employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, independent contractors and representatives of DANI S.p.A are responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the principles and standards contained in this Code.

In particular, in order to comply with the Model, DANI S.p.A. has adopted a Whistleblowing Policy that provides the ability to submit the Odv reports that are detailed and based on precise and consistent factual elements. For example, the following may be reported:

facts which may supplement criminal offences and unlawful conduct in general;
conduct in breach of standards and regulations for the protection of health and safety at work and the environment;
conduct that violates regulations, policies, procedures, instructions and any other corporate arrangements;
conduct that violates the Code of Ethics and the Model of organization, management and control.

The whistleblower must provide all the information to the best of their knowledge so the ODV can carry out the necessary verifications, although it is not required to provide sufficient evidence on its own to prove the reported fact.
The report should contain: :
a clear and complete description of the facts and, if known, the circumstances of time and place of the occurrence of said fact;
the general information or in any case the elements that allow the identification of the author of the reported conduct and any supporting documents.

We remind that even anonymous reports are allowed and the communications received are managed by the ODV through an internal procedure, which protects the identity of the whistleblower, and they are safe guarded from any retaliatory or discriminatory action on related grounds, either directly or indirectly.

In order to protect the confidentiality of the whistleblower, an IT channel has been provided, consisting of an e-mail address in the name of the Organisation odv.dani@gmail.com