Steering wheels

Many car models disclose steering wheels saddled with high quality DANI leathers.
Thanks to the experience and professional commitment put on the continuous development of our products, we offer chrome tanned hides, chrome-free or heavy metal free tanned hides.
All the articles comply with the standards established by the manufacturers and are made in compliance with severe environmental constraints.
Ares, Teseo, Dafne are some of the products specifically developed for steering wheels.
Our hides can be lightly buffed, full grain or pigmented split, with faint prints, to get a great surface uniformity or can have micro stamp operations, for a sporty personality.
A good design and a pleasing touch are combined together to the automotive sector requirements, creating a perfect blend of aesthetics and performances.

To learn more about the characteristics of each article and for each request, contact us here. We will be glad to find, together, the best solution for your needs.

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