ZEROUNO The most fascinating love story between nature and leather

Launched on the Lineapelle fair, the ZeroUno collection immediately distinguished itself for being able to create a union between richness of collections (it proposes 10 of them), performance, and aesthetics that amaze sight and touch, always respecting the environment.


A wrapping hand, full and soft; a fine texture, natural and surprising to the touch. With these characteristics the Abete collection fascinates the senses, interpreting with an own personality the products of the leather goods, footwear and clothing sectors


To the geometric texture that distinguishes its look, Quercia combines a very pleasant hand, soft and cozy. Its modern and versatile character is best expressed in sectors such as leather goods, footwear, but also smart devices.


The contemporary charm of Larice is expressed in the character of the grain and the soft hand, surprised by the pleasant two-tone tips. Ideal application in leather goods, footwear and smart devices


A refined collection just like the Magnolia flower, from which it takes its name. The full hand is silk to the touch. The eyes love to rest on the bright and natural look of the surface. It is the collection that expresses itself beautifully in the fields of leather goods, footwear, clothing and furniture


Bright and lively, Baobab stands out for its “sliding” and gummy hand that gives this leather a strong and performing character. Its fields of application range from leather goods to footwear, from furniture to smart devices.


Elegant and at the same time contemporary in look, Teak is appreciated for its soft hand.

Definitely versatile, it can be used in many fields, from leather goods to footwear, from clothing to furniture and also in the smart device sector.


The fresh and dynamic appeal expresses the distinctive character of this leather. Characterized by a soft and silky hand, Mandorlo lends itself to many applications: from leather goods to footwear, from clothing to furniture and smart devices.


Velvety to the touch and shimmering to the eye, Gelso is a natural-grained leather with a soft touch. Its technical characteristics and its gritty suede effect make it ideal for the footwear industry


Silky and soft to the touch, this collection conveys a pleasant feeling of warmth and welcomes to the hands and eyes. It is, therefore, the perfect choice for making footwear, furniture, and clothing products. The brightness of the surface enhances the natural appearance of this leather.


Soft, but with a strong personality, Salice is characterized by the brightness of the goat print and the pleasantness of the touch. Its Dynamic application ranges from leather goods, footwear, and smart devices

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