Your signature impressed on the leather: be unique with “Logo Embossing”


Imprinting your timeless mark on leather makes what’s being produced absolutely personal, giving a touch of uniqueness like few other solutions. This is “logo embossing”: printing on the leather.

“Logo embossing” is a technology that allows exactly this: making each piece of leather where your logo or your signature is applied absolute unique, communicating your own brand through the product.

There’s no technical limit, as this process can be applied to any kind of leather, choosing between bas-relief or high relief. Once your design has been finalized, this is transformed into a mold at Dani’s laboratory, enabling a precise design and allowing constant mass production.

You can print almost any design, given the extreme precision that can be achieved by this process. With this new service being offered, it makes applying your personal touch to your product easier than ever!

The result? Three-dimensional embossing, as the designs are created on different levels, and shading in the case of leather with lighter colors, as the shadows and the effect given by the pressure make the imprinted sign slightly darker.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question, or discover more about operations and  “logo embossing”, printing on the leather.

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