We protect your information. Guaranteed! We have achieved ISO 27001 certification.

Dani gets the ISO-27001 "data protection management"

“ISO 27001, data protection compliance”, the certification that guarantees that an organization can protect information within the company, is one of the important goals we have achieved in recent months.

Dani is the first tannery in the world to get this certification.

In today’s market, data management is a fundamental part to understanding and analyzing scenarios to help decide how to move forward in the best way possible. Contact with customers and suppliers happen daily, because we are an interconnected system.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have tools that can better manage this data and promote a shared culture regarding their protection.

“ISO 27001, data protection compliance”: technology and culture

The “ISO 27001, data protection compliance”, standard aims to be a guideline for a collection of policies and procedures to be included in the company day by day, to ensure that each employee can better manage the information they are working with.

At the same time, it is necessary to have hardware and software protection systems. Given that a large portion of data is now stored on digitally, the machines help people to ensure the security of the organization.

This is the only way that make possible to get in touch with customers and suppliers, assuming to be able to keep safe the data and information they will pass: only in this way, knowing how to behave and what to use, each employee will be assured because the financial and business information he works on will be protected.

The DNV-GL audit confirms the certification

To positively assess the compliance with “ISO 27011 data protection compliance”, the DNV-GL certification group intervened in a series of inspections within a structured audit.

We have carried out a process of analysis and mapping of the situation, then to implement the correct systems to protect files and the data exchange. All these actions were meant to demonstrate and guarantee the ability to protect the information within the company and in communications.

After that, we moved on to the corporate culture, through training meetings and short documents to teach and spread the culture of “knowing how to manage” one’s data.

We consider this topic extremely important, therefore we will continue to work on keeping up to date systems  (see also Industry 4.0) to guarantee the maximum information security for those who work with us

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