Waterproof leather: for resistant and breathable boots.


Let’s talk about boots or technical footwear, and one of the most important features to consider when looking for information relating to them being “waterproof”. In this area, leather is one of the fundamental components relating to waterproof footware.

A boot is born for challenging environments

There are many outdoor activities where you need a boot that can protect you from external elements while ensuring exceptional comfort

Whether you’re working outdoors or engaging in recreational activities such as hiking up a mountain, hunting in a forest or backpacking across Europe, these activities can occur under many weather conditions

Obstacles such as mud, puddles, stones, or heavy rain will put a strain on the resistance of a boots surface.

Furthermore, while dealing with these external elements, the inside of the boot must be kept comfortable and free of moisture. As we all know, moisture in direct contact with the skin for extended time can reduce body temperature and result in extreme discomfort.

. This is why waterproof leather, coupled with other membranes such as Gore-Tex or Sympatex, addresses the significant challenge of: durability, moisture impermeability while ensuring breathability at the same time.

The characteristics of a waterproof leather

Firstly, we take thick bovine leather (1.8 to 2.8 mm) where we apply specific fat-liquoring preparations to aid in waterproofing the leather.

Each production batch at Dani goes through various laboratory tests, both on the crust and on the finished product, to guarantee the required performance.

The color palette is usually chosen from natural “earth tones” such as gray, natural brown or black.

For cleaning we recommend first drying the boots, then use a soft to medium soft brush to remove all dirt and debris. This will prevent possible damage to the leather pores and extend the life of the boot.

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