Traceability of raw materials and ethical commitment: the two new certifications for Dani

Dani’s commitment to ESG continues: it is the first tannery in the world to be certified according to the international standard ISO 17033 regarding ethical claims, and one of the very few Italian companies to be certified according to the technical specification ICEC TS SC 410 regarding the traceability of the supply chain of raw hides.

As part of a precise commitment and a desire for transparency towards the market, Dani spa, the Vicenza-based multinational company that is one of the world’s leading players in the leather processing industry, is adding two more milestones to the important recognitions already obtained in terms of traceability of raw materials, reliability of processing, ethical commitment and environmental sustainability.

With the recently introduced international ISO 17033 certification, Dani is the first tanning company in the world that can boast the ethical claim that guarantees customers that all hides and skins come from cattle farms for food purposes only, almost exclusively European and therefore subject to the strictest animal welfare laws. A further confirm that tannery fits naturally into the framework of the circular economy, as it ennobles a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise become waste.

This recognition opens the way to a model of ethical, transparent and reliable communication, in harmony with the spirit that guides Dani’s entrepreneurial actions, in full respect of ethical values and social and environmental responsibility.

Moreover, by obtaining the raw material traceability certification for the entire range of products according to the technical specification ICEC TS SC 410, with an “excellent” rating (80/100) Dani guarantees the precise and complete mapping of the origin of raw hides and skins, identifying slaughterhouses and farms.

“For us, sustainability is the journey, never a point of arrival,” says Giancarlo Dani, President and CEO of Dani. “I modeled our company on this imprinting right from the start: attention to raw materials, respect for each phase and each supplier in our supply chain, attention to the recovery of every good, from rainwater to trimmings, the so-called scraps of processing waste, to the selection of less and less polluting material. And with pride I can say that I can now see many other companies, even from our district, following this path and developing with us shared research projects to improve the impact that man, in the private and public sectors, has on the environment. A virtuous circle that allows us to maintain the high quality standards of our products with the excellence that distinguishes the Italian tanning industry in the world, together with the satisfaction of seeing our concrete contribution to a better world”.

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