Some new textures: Designs on the leather that speak to the senses


The textures speak to senses, fascinate the sight, making the leather more pleasant to the touch thus adding complexity and sophistication.

Is this what textures are for? They’re made to express the idea of a designer and to broaden the creative possibilities of the raw material.

What are textures?

They are superficial designs, imprinted for a few tenths of a millimeter on the surface of the leather thanks to different printing techniques. It is a relatively simple technology, which allows you to move from design to production in a short time.

At the same time, it is extremely effective for describing a style, creating a more refined environment or objects strongly connected with the brand that creates or commissions them.

Textures are widely used in the transport sector. The leather interiors are customized by adding logos and graphic designs in relation to the rest of the vehicle, or in leather goods, to give space to the imagination of the designers.

Thanks to textures, the beauty of the leather product is enhanced by surface lines, and intersection of lights and movement.

Some ideas of textures for aircraft and aviation interiors for 2020

For the 2020 season, we have created some geometric patterns to propose, to help inspire you to create your own designs. We thought of clear, defined, essential elements, ready to face the passage of time with simplicity.

How do textures work?

They are drawn with a vector production software, starting from these drawings, the bases are developed to prepare the matrices. At this point, the graphic part is defined, and the first production batch can be launched.

There are several technologies that allow the printing of textures on the leather, such as sublimation or UV rays, which allows for quickness and precision, as well the customization of small batches.

Another way is to proceed by thermal transfer in calender, or with a heat press or hot plating machine.

The proposals in this news are already available, the presentation to the public was scheduled for AIX, Aircraft interior expo 2020

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