For DANI animal welfare is a very important value

Thanks to the total traceability of the raw material supply chain, DANI is able to trace back to the individual breeding locations. 

With the data collected and verified through the traceability certification, the Animal Welfare standard of the ICEC certification body has been applied, which consists in the verification of the entire supply chain from which the tannery obtains its supplies (countries and places of origin, slaughterhouses and related farms).

The verification that approximately 96,5% of the raw hides and skins sourced by DANI are of European origin, has enabled it to obtain the highest rating in relation to animal welfare regulations (Level 1). 

In addition, some of the most important suppliers have adopted voluntary Animal Welfare certification systems, enabling them to obtain an additional rating on the non-mandatory part (Level 2).

The certification guarantees DANI customers that they use hides and skins from animals bred in compliance with current regulations and good animal welfare practices. 

The new DANI Academy is born

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