Lightweight, a leather project by Dani

Energy efficiency has always been an integral part in the aircraft and automotive industry.

With a contemporary taste for light, sleek, minimalistic design in mind, Dani has accepted the technological challenge to create the lightest leather possible. To overcome these challenges, we introduce our newest project: Lightweight. Emphasizing sustainable development, we aim to produce products that helps reduce fuel consumption resulting in lower emissions. The Lightweight project has demanded the maximum expression of our technical expertise and as a result we developed two collections: Feather and Air.

Feather is a lightweight version of any existing leather in the Automotive Industry. It was created with the aim of reducing the mass of the leather without modifying the thickness. A ready-to-use solution, in which the light-weight version is indistinguishable from the original design and thickness, except for its reduced weight.

Air is an extremely light and natural feeling leather that is the result of state-of-the-art research at Dani focused on the particular structure of the fibres. Adding a touch of modernity and exclusivity, this collection was made possible due to the synergy of multiple components. This includes: Lower molecular weight chemistry at distinct process stages, and textures specifically created achieve a low destiny for feather-light, dynamic and low impact material.

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