Leather makes the difference


Leather is a full-fledged protagonist of the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

A by-product from the food industry that is recovered, enhanced and ennobled to shape the creativity of stylists and designers.

To beautify car interiors, to give consumers comfort and beauty.

When it comes to leather, there are a few points not to forget.

First thing you have not to forget 

Animals have been bred to feed humans with milk and meat since time began.

Animals have never been reared just for their hides.

Second thing you have not to forget

Leather has unique and inimitable characteristics.

Its three-dimensional fibres woven provides flexibility, resistance to the mechanical stresses, adaptability to different shapes, transpirability and thermal insulation.

The timeless charm of leather is well defined by several characteristics: attractive, elegant, natural, fashion, good looking, bio, unique; just to name a few.

For all these reasons, various synthetic materials often are wrongly named as “leather”.

Words as synthetic leather, ecoleather, smileather, vegan leather: these are a cheat for those who buy products in stores.

In the next newsletter we’ll look into the argument, in which we will continue to tell the story of this by-product of the food industry revalued by the tannery.

(for chapter two click here)

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