Leather from Italy – Full Cycle. This is “Made in Italy” for real.

Gruppo Dani is a Made in Italy Full Cycle tannery

“Leather from Italy – Full Cycle” is one of the most important certificates “Made in Italy” can apply to leather. This certification confirms that a tannery is able to completely control the production process, the chemical products used, and ensures the traceability of all the transformation steps.

Isn’t an added value of enormous importance? Basically, we are proving to have the basis for a product of superior overall quality.

To create something beautiful and well-made, it is necessary to start from the best raw materials. The “Leather from Italy – Full Cycle” (here you find the documentation) seal aims to be an immediate, clear and exclusive way to recognize a product you can 100% trust because it respects a shared production philosophy.

To be truly “Made in Italy,” all the processing steps, from raw hides to finished, must be carried out in Italy, as determined by the European standard UNI EN 16484 “Leather – requirements for determining the origin of leather production.” The entire creation of the leathers value must be carried out in Italy.

This means working according to strict rules, in which production takes place in a controlled environment driven towards quality, technology and the continuous search for process improvement.

The role of ICEC on Leather from Italy – Full Cycle

The procedures to define the guidelines to get this important recognition, and the subsequent checks, are managed by ICEC, the Quality Certification Institute for the Tanning Industry, an organization specialized in the leather sector, a direct expression of the sector needs and deep experience of its dynamics.

A label to recognize quality immediately

To make it clear and verifiable that a product respects the guidelines of “Made in Italy”, Leather from Italy – Full Cycle certification adds a numbered label to the product, an immediate and expendable symbol, able to give value to what is created with real Italian leather.

Values, technology and regulation come together in a decisive package of superior quality, to create products to be proud of.

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