EPD Environmental Product Declarations

Dani has registered the EPD Environmental Product Declarations of five articles: Virgo, Maia, Box Land, Vienna and Average production of finished bovine leather for furniture, footwear and leather goods. These documents can be accessed on the web portal of the International EPD System (https://www.environdec.com/library), the first and most authoritative manager at the level of Environmental Product Declarations.

The Environmental Product Declaration EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a document that communicates the environmental impacts of a product along its entire life cycle, from the acquisition of raw materials to the end of life. It is therefore the final result of a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study carried out in compliance with an internationally recognized methodology.

DANI uses environmental declarations to communicate in a transparent way the environmental impacts related to the production of a leather article and the initiatives to reduce them. It also offers customers the possibility to carry out the LCA study on purchased items with the support of the company.

The Environmental Product Declaration therefore confirms the company’s continuous commitment to environmental protection and represents a tool to orient the consumer to a conscious purchase, knowing that his choice will have a positive influence on the environment.

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