Ecovadis gold medal: when the topic is sustainability, Dani is a gold medal

The Ecovadis exam on Dani’s corporate sustainability ended with an absolutely important result, the Gold Medal.

Once again, the company has proven to be a reference point on the subject, a prove that the journey started over ten years ago has involved, evolved and improved constantly.

So much evolution that today it is a system capable of confirming itself at the highest levels during worldwide recongnized third parts examinations.

Ecovadis: the meeting point between customers and suppliers based on corporate sustainability

Born as an organization to support the purchasing offices in 2007, Ecovadis has a clear yet not so simple objective: to create a certified and monitored database of companies that want to test themselves in the sustainability field.

This group has grown rapidly, welcoming some of the most prominent brands in the world.

The presence of established companies, combined with the consistency of the parameters analyzed by Ecovadis, soon allowed to increase the number of companies in the database, today they are over 60,000.

The examination

Dani’s examination took into consideration 21 different aspects related to sustainability, obviously starting from the environment, then moving on to workplaces and human rights policies, corporate ethics and the control of supply chains.

These are fundamental themes, which create a sustainability identity card to be accredited in the eyes of those who could start a collaboration.

The Ecovadis gold medal: the confirmation to be up to expectations

The entire Ecovadis process has an ultimate goal: the risk analysis, or rather, to create an ecosystem of companies that are up to expectations

Based on the score acquired, these companies can fit into a context that “speaks the same language” and shares the fundamental principles of doing business.

During its journey, Dani has always supported and developed increasingly optimized production methods, selected supply chains and thought of social responsibility as something to be considered an integral part of the way of being.

“Every goal is a starting point”

The examination requirements have been met and worth a level of excellence, the “Ecovadis gold medal”, a further demonstration of the good journey made to date and a motivation to continue on this direction.

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