DANI’s excellence starts with certified traceability

Our commitment and willingness to be transparent to the market is once again confirmed with the renewal of two important recognitions already obtained in terms of raw material traceability, process reliability, ethical commitment and environmental sustainability.

Last year, we were the first tanning company in the world to have obtained the ethical claim guaranteeing customers that all hides and skins come from food-only cattle farms, which are almost exclusively European and therefore subject to the strictest laws on animal welfare.

This recognition has paved the way for us towards an ethical, transparent and reliable communication model, in tune with the spirit that guides Dani’s entrepreneurial actions, in full respect of ethical values and social-environmental responsibility.
This year, we not only passed the audits, but also obtained an ‘excellent’ score of 92/100, which guarantees the precise and complete mapping of the origin of raw hides and skins by identifying slaughterhouses and farms.

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