Dani gets through the transition audit to the new ISO45001 standard

Dani passes the ISO45001standard audit "Health and safety on workplaces"

For over 10 years Dani has decided to be a leading company in the field of sustainability, considering the socio-environmental responsibility as a guide for every business decision.

It is a matter of thinking about the evolution of the company and development of the people who work there keeping the eyes focused on the results that will involve the future generations,

Being aware that today’s actions will progressively influence tomorrow.

We often talk about sustainability related to the environmental field, but the range of actions put in place to improve the life of the organization and the people who work there is no less important.

Safety in the workplace and awareness of one’s actions within the system become a decisive factor in enabling a safe operating life.

For this reason, it has always been considered fundamental to put in place all the actions necessary for the purpose and, subsequently, to seek for third parties confirmation, responsible of certifying the success of the interventions.

ISO45001 standard audit: passed

Today we can say that we have taken another step forward in this direction, in fact we have successfully passed the transition audit of the “worker health and safety management system” to the new ISO 45001 standard, which replaces the previous BS OHSAS 18001.

The audit, conducted by the DNV-GL certification body, highlighted the effort made by the company to meet the requirements set by the new standard.

To successfully complete this path, and consider the audit for ISO45001 standard passed, the constant support of management board and the growing awareness of workers regarding the importance of safety-related issues were fundamental.

The new regulation moves towards an evolutionary perspective, encouraging an overall and not exclusively technical approach to the issue of worker health and safety.

The context analysis, and the assessment of risks and opportunities, are given a growing weight.

Hence the stimulus to look beyond one’s company boundaries is born, involving the entire supply chain to identify long lasting solutions and interventions.

Focus on leadership and workers participation

The focus set by the new standard on leadership, worker participation and continuous improvement highlights the importance of human resources and organizational structures in encouraging virtuous behavior and interventions focused in the risk prevention.

Risk prevention, with the help of all the people involved, with a shared and aware gaze on everybody’s daily activities, is the ultimate goal that guarantees the maximum success of these aims.

“I am really proud of this result, and I want to share it with everyone who works in the company. It confirms that the protection of the safety and health of our workers is a milestone of our way of doing business”,

Says Giancarlo Dani (President and CEO of Dani Spa). And he adds:

“It’s an approach more and more appreciated by our customers, often leading the way in global supply chains, which seek partnerships with suppliers actively involved into social issues”.

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