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AIMÉE ANN LOU is a sustainable luxury footwear brand designed in London and made in Italy.

Interview with Aimée A.L Homer, CEO and Creative Director

Tell us how the collaboration with DANI came about.
As a modern luxury brand, we are committed to innovatively improving the craft of luxury footwear in a way that significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment. We believe in slow fashion, true luxury handmade concepts, natural materials, modest consumption, and recycling and upcycling wherever possible. Leather is an important natural material for our products given its durability and naturally breathable qualities. As a by-product from the meat industry, we use skins that would otherwise go to waste to create long lasting beautiful items, keeping large amounts of biomass waste out of landfill.

In three words, what are the values that bind your company to DANI...
Innovative, Responsible, Craftsmanship

What are the strengths of DANI leather that won you over and made the partnership possible?
The impressive range of exceptional quality sustainable leather options that DANI could provide us with in line with our produce less ethos.

What are your thoughts on alternative materials to leather?
We like the natural qualities and characteristics leather has to offer, especially the insulating and breathable qualities which are extremely valuable for a shoe lining. As mentioned, if we do not use leather, the meat industry will only generate more waste which is harmful to the environment.

Finally, how do you envision the future of stylish shoes? What trends will be the drivers in the coming years?
As we see more sneakers and comfortable shoes attracting consumers, both men and women, its only inevitable for a hybrid option to be desirable. We believe that function over form will become increasingly more important to the customer in all social occasions. Equally, the maturing Gen Z are superior in understanding how different industries negatively impact our planet and are leading the conversation that we must do better. At Aimee Ann Lou we support this wholeheartedly and go one step further to incorporate innovative glamour.

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