About us

We are an all-round tannery and we produce leather for all sectors.
Our two business units, Dani Automotive and Dani Home Style and Fashion, are partners of the most prestigious international brands.

All the production plants are located in Arzignano (Italy) to guarantee product and production process control, quality and reliability.

To accompany our clients during the phases downstream of tannery production, we also have three headquarters that cut and sew leather: one in Arzignano (Italy), one in Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia) and one in Nabeul (Tunisia).

Our story

In 1950 Angelo Dani built his first drum by hand, around which his six children started learning the art of tanning.

It was an apprenticeship that lasted until the early 1970s, when the company passed into their hands.

Dani increased in size, product diversification and geographic development thanks to a combination of goals, enthusiasm and dedication, intuition and foresight.

Leather for furnishing developed in the 1980s, an area where our historical “Cuoietto Dani” is still remembered.

The company entered the technical footwear sector, which requires high performance leather, in the early 1990s.

“Instant Service” was established in the mid-1990s, so our clients could receive small quantities of leather in just a few hours, leading to a wider choice of colours and article types for their sales offers.

The new millennium opened the doors to internationalisation and new inaugurations: a business location and warehouse in Flanders, New Jersey, USA, and an office in Guangzhou, China.

Product diversification also continued. Direct supply to the most prestigious vehicle brands started in 2009. It was a road of constant growth that led us to Tunisia and Slovenia in 2013-2014, where we invested in factories that specialise in cutting and sewing leather for the automotive sector.

Growth at this point was constant. In 2016 we opened a showroom in Manhattan, New York, then one in Shanghai and one in Arzignano, with the aim of satisfying at best the demands of architects and designers.

Growth and internationalisation also led us to rethink our business model. Sustainability and innovation became used daily.

Results began materialising in 2011: we were the first tannery in the world to receive “Carbon Footprint of Product” and “Environmental Product Declaration” certification.

In the same year Giancarlo Dani received the prestigious “Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione” award from Giorgio Napolitano, the President of the Republic.

In 2012 and 2104 the “GreenItaly Report” nominated us one of the top hundred “green” companies in Italy.
In 2016-2017 we received environmental management system and worker safety and health certification.

We do not know what the future will bring.
We only hope that we will be able to decipher its clues and follow its trail while continuing to combine beauty and sustainability in our leather.

Dani’s sustainability

Dani identifies itself in the idea of sustainable management.
The following things exist in this idea: social and territorial inclusion, the protection of natural resources and investment return.

This obligation is clearly expressed by the logo: “Sustainable leather”, which directs strategic choices, daily behaviour, and the proposals created for our stakeholders.
Thanks to the innovative technology used, leather tanning now respects the environment.

By covering all the production cycle phases, we have implemented systems for efficiently managing natural resources and safely recovering by-products and waste.
Sustainability does not just mean satisfying legal limits. It also means finding innovative solutions that favour the environment, the people who work for Dani and the local communities.

All this is possible thanks to Dani’s collaborations with the companies in Arzignano: chemical companies, purification plants, machine producers and companies that recover and promote tannery by-products.

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La nostra attività aziendale si basa sui principi dell’imprenditorialità e dell’intraprendenza, così come nella costante ricerca e sviluppo di soluzioni e prodotti innovativi di massima qualità nel rispetto della sostenibilità ambientale. I nostri Valori si fondano sull’etica dei rapporti con i nostri collaboratori, i clienti, fornitori e con il contesto sociale del nostro territorio.


La nostra Missione è fornire ai nostri clienti prodotti in pelle di massima qualità con un elevato grado di valore aggiunto, al miglior rapporto qualità/prezzo, con il minimo impatto ambientale, ottenendo la loro soddisfazione così come il miglior risultato per i nostri azionisti, lo sviluppo dei nostri collaboratori e
dei nostri fornitori.


Visione: Dani deve posizionarsi tra le prime 10 aziende leader del settore entro i prossimi due anni e tra le prime 5 entro i prossimi cinque anni assumendo la leadership per la ricerca d’innovazione nell’ambito della sostenibilità ambientale.

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