Zero Impact is here: sustainable, carbon-neutral leather

More Innovation, Lower Emissions, Zero Impact

These are the three winning moves of the Zero Impact project, the result of over 10 years of research and development aimed at reducing the environmental impact of leather-making, throughout its whole cycle.

The study of all the steps of the production process has led to a type of leather that responds exactly to the demands of the market.

Customers are increasingly interested in high-quality, heavy metal-free leather, with a short supply chain and maximum recycle of process waste.

We presented the new Zero Impact collection for FW 2021/2022 at “A New Point of View”, a special exhibition format created by Lineapelle Milano. This innovation attracted great interest in those looking for an excellent, original, and also sustainable product.

Zero Impact leather is heavy metal-free, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 15987 standard, which sets the maximum allowable overall amount of these substances in the leather below 0.1%.

The innovative tanning process developed by Dani has made it possible to produce a leather with a low environmental impact. This process reduces water consumption, the use of chemicals, the polluting load and CO2 emissions.

To achieve total compensation of the CO2 produced, Dani joined a reforestation project in some major Italian parks certified by AzzeroCO2, a company accredited as an Energy Service Company. Furthermore, Dani joined the CO2 emissions compensation plan certified by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere in developing countries. By choosing Zero Impact you’ll a product that is innovative, beautiful and sustainable.

Contact us to find out more or click here to request a private Trendshow on our products for furniture, automotive, leather goods, technical and casual footwear from the new Zero Impact collection.

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