With Zero Impact to win the Ispo Award Gold. Aku Minima, the responsible shoe.

Minima wins Ispo Gold with Zero Impact

For Minima, Aku starts from the concept of responsibility and places it at the center of everything, chooses Zero Impact and wins the ISPO Award Gold. It’s a winning story, a story made of choices of responsibility: a definite approach to design and raw materials that has placed at the center of everything the environment and the balance between production and respect for resources. All this through a choice of suppliers who share this model of development and the same values.

Innovation and sustainability move together.

How is Minima, Aku’s new proposal, special?

The design, for example, follows the philosophy of optimizing and removing the superfluous. The lines are clean, defined, optimized for the best use of the leather.

Concerning leather, a constructive detail reflects to the maximum the idea of responsibility in production: all the cutouts and pieces with imperfections are not considered as waste, but are used on the other side thus alternating the aesthetic effect and allowing the maximum percentage of use of the leather.

Alongside this, all the other components are designed with a specific attentio to the environment, such as the sole of recycled material and the insole of coconut and Zero impact leather.

For a “zero compromise” shoe, the “Zero Impact” leather by Dani

As we know, Zero Impact is Dani’s proposal that uses a metal-free tanning: it is the first zero-impact, chrome and heavy metal free leather. This is the highest point in the experimentation and development of alternative and sustainable tanning processes, a true point of reference in terms of environmental protection applied to production processes.

Thanks to the analysis of all the steps in the production cycle, we are able to lower emissions by 5% each square meter of leather produced compared to the average, and the CO2 produced is compensated by certified reforestation projects.

Regards the chemical part, the process complies with the ISO 15987 standard on “chrome and heavy metal free” production.

Starting from the shared values, we immediately felt close to Aku’s approach, it was natural to think of something that would take the best of the two realities in the name of “Responsible acting”. And also to definine a clear example of what can be done in this field.

Minima wins the Ispo Award “Gold” and we are happy that “Zero Impact” has been a fundamental plus for this goal, we hope that it’s going to be an example to imitate and inspire new projects that think about the future in the same way.

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