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The Social and Environmental Sustainability is rooted in the ability to relate with all the actors in the chain.
Dani is involved in what is called “Viral Effect”, a dynamic two-way system that is able to interchange and spread innovations necessary to improve processes and products in name of sustainability.

Dani has been collaborating for several years with Lectra, a company leader in the field of automatic cutting machines.

The aim of this collaboration is the cost reduction and the production optimization, allowing a saving on the amount of raw material used, without compromising the cutting quality and the delivery times.

Thanks to the established relationship with Lectra, we are now able to make continuous improvements to the software that manages the productivity and performance of the cutting machines.


AKU is specialized for over thirty years in the design and manufacture of high quality technical footwear. The holding, of handicraft origin, is today known at an international level.

The research initiated by Dani and Aku to find low environmental impact materials, led to the development of Bellamont Plus, an exclusive foorwear with the highest quality and chrome free leather. The leather is certified Chrome Free, since no Chrome has been used during the tanning and re-tanning phase. This, besides representing a landmark achievement, is a further warranty of safety for the user.Dani and AKU have also collaborated on the LEAN management program, promoted by Regione Veneto, introducing this methodology along the production cycle.


Arper is an Italian company producing and distributing worldwide furniture for office, residential and contract divisions.

Quality and environmental sustainability are the main focus in Arper’s production policy, together with a constant research of product performance improvement, are the cornerstones of Arper’s production policy.
This is the reason why in 2005 Arper established  an environmental team dedicated to the control and management of the environmental impact of its products from the raw material stage  to the end of life.

The interaction between Dani and Arper can be found in the project "Arper District for Innovation" launched at the end of 2012. With this project Arper has mapped all of its suppliers in order to create a subsequential comparison on the following topics: efficiency and waste removal, energy consumption, products and processes, transportation and mobility, internal and external social impact.

The two companies have also committed themselves to develop an article that preserve the quality and the characteristics of chrome tanned products but is, instead, free of chrome.

Pagani Automobili

Maintaining the collaboration started in the 2005, Dani has provided the leather for the interiors of one of the most exclusive cars in the world. After Zonda, the time has come for Huayra.

Pagani’s customer has the privilege to choose leather that is sustainable, certified, guaranteed and 100% made in Italy. In addition, he can specify colors and textures according to his wishes or enquire for particular effects. Huayra is a perfect example of customized work: the car is customized in every nuance, bespoke in every detail, impeccable: Huayra is a dream car!

Institut Français de la Mode

In the fashion industry sustainability is strictly related to the materials used for every product.

It’s important to know the origin and the production process of raw materials and it is fundamental to identify the qualitative aspects of leather to assess the resistance and durability over time. Young designers taking part of the master's degree of the Institut Français de la Mode, have the opportunity to learn about all the aspect of the life cycle of the leather: an accurate process that represents the recycling of a by-product of the food industry and a number of environmental characteristics to be appreciated.

The purpose of this collaboration is purely educational, through workshops, classroom training and guide visits at the tannery.

Ares Line

The collaboration between Dani and Ares Line has been important in finding sustainable solutions for studying an innovative liming system that has achieved today substantial results and has been the base for our new research and development projects.


In 2014 Dani has adopted for its plants the technology produced by Todesco srl, a company from Vicenza that produces machines for the spraying finishing phase of the leather. The new system has allowed Dani to reduce by circa 25% the consumption of products used in spray lines, thanks to the new guns that are able to better concentrate the chemical products on the leather surface.