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Dani annually invests 1.5% of its turnover in R&D, department that originates all the product innovations, as well as process and organization innovations, which are the base of the commercial success and the company reputation. The R&D’s activities find their place within specific projects (6 major projects between 2010 and 2014, 51 successful projects for product innovation only in the last year, each one carefully described inside the Sustainability Report). These are the most significant:
GREEN L.I.F.E. (2014-2017)

GreenLIFE, Green Leather Industry for the Environment, is a project funded by European Union, as part of the Life+ programme. The project is sponsored by five companies based in Vicenza’s Tannery District, Dani and Gruppo Mastrotto tanneries, chemical company Ikem, Acque del Chiampo that manages a water purification plant, and Ilsa - a biotechnology company specialized in plant-nutrition products.



The project aims to reduce the environmental impact of leather processing as well as providing the first step towards a common direction for the entire Vicenza Tannery District.
GreenLIFE’s main goals are:


 - 20% reduction in water consumption in the beamhouse stage

  •  - 20% decrease in chemicals used in the beamhouse stage
  •  - 20% reduction in solid waste a large reduction in sulfides in the hair-removal tannery stage
  •  - 15% recovery and re-use of by-products with industrial value a new knowledge hub to share ideas and technologies

For more information visit the website 

INDECO (2013-2015)

Industrial Alliance for reducing Energy Consumption and CO2 emission.
Dani is partner of INDECO, the European project, coordinated by UNIC (The National Tanning Industry Union), whose goal is to analyze the energy consumption of the company in order to plan energy efficiency actions. Thanks to this analysis, Dani has already carried out some of the improvements through the installationof inverters in some drums and compressors, the replacement of forklift gas oil with electric ones and  through the installation of low consumption lamps.


LEAN (2013-2014)

The project for the supply chain of leather "Lean"  , completed in 2014, is the application of organizational tools with the aim to reduce waste and machines cycles within the company and among companies belonging to the supply chain.

Eco.L.I.F.E. (2009-2012)

This research has been developed along the following lines:

- Unhairing process without sulfur thru the use of an oxidative liming

- Chromium-free tanning

- New logistics system for the processing of fresh raw hides

The realization of high environmental compatibility leathers, in a perspective of rationalization of the procurement process of raw hides, has been the main outcome of these years of research.



Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management.

Work with Ecolife project on the following issues: drafting of a new internal logistics system for processing fresh hides; optimization of abattoir-to-company transport to save energy by using operational-research techniques; implementation of a conjoint analysis to assess the importance that our customers attribute to the environmental and social characteristics of our products and of Dani S.p.A.


University of Padua – Department of Chemical Processes and Engineering.

Work with the Ecolife project on the following issues: new sulphurfree technologies for dehairing processes; new technologies for tanning leather without the use of heavy metals.