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At Dani we sensed the need to introduce our products to the A&D community. As a producer of sustainable leather for over 65 years, being open to innovation, and sensitive to the environmental, social and economic sustainability, we wanted to share our culture with professionals within the design and architecture sector.

The major mission of the showroom managers is to establish business relationship with A&D studios throughout the world.


Available for you there are our 25 collections from our INSTANT SERVICE in over 500 colours, that can be delivered in a very short period of time (48-72 hours) The service is available either from our warehouse in Italy or in New Jersey (USA).

Furthermore Dani  also provides a qualified service of product customisation with the support of our qualified R&D division. 



We wanted to enforce our presence in the Far East thanks to the opening of a showroom in the asian continent: DANI SHANGHAI TRADING CO Ltd.

The office, located in the centre of Shanghai,  was opened to better satisfy the needs of one of the most influencing sector in the city at the moment: architecture and design.

Dani Showroom can be identified as a first step that will allow Dani to serve, thanks to the INSTANT SERVICE, directly from this wonderful city the most important Asian customers. 


For more information or for organising a visit, please contact our Showroom Manager Mr Salvatore Xie.


Phone: +86 21 633 01268



After the opening of the showroom in Hong Kong, we have decided to reinforce our international presence opening in December our second showroom in one of the most attractive neighborhood for design and fashion for the entire world: New York City.
This space, created in the heart of the "Big Apple" , within the D&D Building in Manhattan, opened to be close to the needs of architects and designers in the USA.

A unique place to present out collection and its wide range of over 500 colours in the 25 product lines of our INSTANT SERVICE . 


For more information or for organising a visit, please contact our Showroom 


Phone: +1 646 351-6260 or +1 646 351-6985


Shortly we will open our third showroom Dani, right in the heart of our production headquarter in Via Quarta Strada in Arzignano

The possibility of inviting European Architects and Designers at our facility give us the possibility to introduce them to the tanning industry, presenting them our company and all the initiatives linked to the social, environmental and economic sustainability that we carry out daily.  

In this location it will be also possible to select among the over 500 colours available in our warehouse and to select the one closest to our needs, under the guide of our experts. 


For more information or for organising a visit, please contact our Showroom Manager 


Phone: +39 0444 471211