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"Dani Leather USA", subsidiary of Dani SpA, represents a strategic reference for prestigious manufacturers of American market. This is possible thanks to the quality of the complete leather production process done in Italy, the strong commitment into Sustainability and the "Right on Time" service (...)


In 2005 Dani opened its warehouse in the United Stated to fulfill the need to better serve the American market place, also considering the new opening in the same year of the Chinese Branch. This has given Dani the possibility to supply whole hides to the furniture industry in both the United States and in Canada, offering a “just in time service”, not only for the main manufacturing producers, but also for architects and designers.

Following this strategy, Dani started its collaboration also with showrooms all over the county. Furthermore, the direct presence on the USA market helped Dani to improve and expand the already-existing supply of hides for aeronautic industry. Nowadays Dani does business with some of the most important office-furnishing producers, as well as with architects, designers, aeronautic industry and, finally, with railways transportations.

Thanks to the addition of the Automotive division, nowadays from our New Jersey office we serve some of the most important North-American steering wheels producers. Eventually Dani Leather USA also supplies raw deer hides for leather goods and footwear.


From aniline for furnishing, to sophisticated automotive leather. Discover here below the entire range of Dani’s products.




Elegance and sobriety of products, stylistic innovation, punctuality of the service, numerous collections of leather for prompt delivery. Choose your favorite!



In order to understand and fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Visit us at one of our showrooms and share with us ideas and projects.



The distinguished Italian tanning art is our passion. The constant research in the name of sustainability is our commitment

Since more than 10 years, Dani S.p.A has chosen to be a sustainable enterprise, recognizing in the social and environmental responsibility the principles that guide its business actions, that are oriented towards development of the company and its employees, while safeguarding the future generations.




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