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"Dani AFC d.o.o.", Slovenian subsidiary of Dani S.p.A., which  is specializes in cutting and sewing of leather for the automotive industry, has been able to distinguish itself, thanks to its many-years’ experience and to the high reliability acquired over the years. (...)

The company, founded in 2003 as “Prevent GBR d.o.o.” and later in 2006 renamed “Prevent AFC d.o.o.”, is specialized in cutting and sewing leather for the Automotive industry.

Since 2009, Dani S.p.A has been doing business actively with Prevent AFC, for the production of the line VW Phaeton. In 2014, Dani decided to buy a share of the company from the main shareholder, Prevent DEV G.mb.H. The company, which afterwards was named Dani AFC d.o.o., presently has 150 employees and works with around 36.000 different articles.

Besides the main activities, such as cutting of leather for the production of some VW’s, Porsche’s and Audi’s lines, Dani AFC has also started cutting leather stripes for Audi’s and Skoda’s steering wheels. Dani AFC d.o.o. also has a sewing department, where spare parts are sewed. The company, which has specific knowledge and wide experience, necessary in order to fulfill requirements of various clients, has been awarded with the “Excellent SME Certificate” by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce as best supplier inside the group its belong.


The Slovenian branch combines, to the sophisticated automatic cutting system, the sewing operation of covers for seats and spare parts. An expertise acquired and recognized in more than 10 years of activity.


Dani AFC is considered, thanks to the Excellent SME certification, among the excellences of Slovenian SMEs. This branch  claims also specific certifications for the automotive segment.


The control, the verification of the traceability of each product is an essential element.

Dani AFC d.o.o. applies with extreme rigor protocols in order to fulfill high demands of the most prestigious automotive manufacturers.



Laboratory for analysis, with cutting edge equipment and specialized technical personnel, puts Dani S.p.A. among the most advanced companies in the international tanning industry.


The distinguished Italian tanning art is our passion. The constant research in the name of sustainability is our commitment

Since more than 10 years, Dani S.p.A has chosen to be a sustainable enterprise, recognizing in the social and environmental responsibility the principles that guide its business actions, that are oriented towards development of the company and its employees, while safeguarding the future generations.