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Dani S.p.A. was founded as a small family run tannery in 1950. Today it counts 3 main production plants in Arzignano (Italy) and almost 1,000 employees.  For more than 65 years, leather continues to be produced entirely in Italy, which makes Dani’s leather a real made-in-Italy product.

The company produces genuine leather for various sectors:  automotive, furniture, information technology, footwear, leather goods and clothing.


In 1950, Angelo Dani founded a small tannery for the production of leathers for industrial gloves. The economic situation in Italy was favorable and the founder grasped the historical-economic moment of the country.

In the ‘70s the company was passed to the founder’s six sons, authors of the company’s dimensional and geographical growth.

In 1997, Dani achieved its first goal by obtaining the first quality management system certificate, according to the norm ISO 9001. The new millennium started with the internationalization process of the company. As the result, in 2005 two branches were founded: the first one in the USA, in New Jersey; the second one in Guangzhou, China.

With the addition of Leather GBR in 2009, later renamed Dani Automotive S.p.A, Dani stepped into the automotive industry, thus adding this new industrial branch to the well-established branches of furniture, footwear and leather goods. Thereby Dani started to produce leather for the main - worldwide automotive producers.

In 2011, Mr. Giancarlo Dani, the CEO of the company, received from the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, a prestigious recognition which is designed to encourage the spread of the culture of innovation. In 2014, Gruppo Dani S.p.A and Dani Automotive S.p.A merged into Dani S.p.A.

The current company has two divisions:
• Dani Automotive, for the production of whole hides and cut sets for automotive industry
• Dani Home Style & Fashion, for the production of leathers for furniture, footwear and leather goods.

In 2015 Dani S.p.A, which exports highly-regarded and Italian-made leathers worldwide, counts circa 1000 employees among foreign branches and the Italian production plants.



Lately Dani SpA is applying, for both organizational management and control model, Italian Legislation D-Lgs 231,which also provides a Ethical Code. The implementation of an effective organizational and management model, in accordance with this decree, also requires different integrated skills, in different areas: legal, corporate, organizational and risk management.