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Dani S.p.A. - Prodotti Automotive

Leathers with long-lasting finishing, scratch, rubbing and extreme temperature proof: the correct balance between natural characteristics of leather and studied chemical interventions confer consistency and durability to Dani’s leather.


DANI Automotive is able to serve, thanks to years of experience in the field and thanks to the advanced technology, the most important car producers and to ensure a product suitable for any type of application, by producing mainly leather FOC (Free Of Chrome).

The main applications, of Dani’s leather on car interiors, concern in particular the covering of:


  • •   Seats                                                                              •   Door panels 
  • •   Steering Wheels                                                         •   Gear knob
  • •   Glove compartment & Dashboards                      •   Headrest & Armrests


  • This different applications enable us to provide various types of leather, all produced according to ISO / TS 16949 certification, which guarantees reliability and quality consistency to our customers.

    The following types of leather are produced for automotive sector: aniline, semi-aniline, printed & pigmented leather, anti-soiling leather, thermocool leather, splits, conditioned leather (anti shrinkage).

Dani S.p.A. - Prodotti Home Style & Fashion

Residential, contract and hospitality: the wide range of leathers covers all possible applications and Dani is able to provide fine aniline, nabuk leather, full grain and corrected grain. 


For home sector, the leather application range from the classic and modern upholstery, to furnishing accessories, up to walls and floors covering.

Leather can also cover each singular part within the offices, airports, hotels and restaurants.

Dani’s specialization is in Aniline leather and heavy articles with thickness from 1 to 3+ millimeters.

The different types of grains and thickness of the leather, enables us to serve the most important brands in the industry with whom, by synchronizing our technical staff with their designers, we create articles and colors that are fully customized.

Upon request we are able to satisfy also some of the most important European standardsfor the fire resistance, such us Classe 1IM (UNI 9175) and Crib5 (BS 5852), besides satisfying other international standards for the fire resistance without any additional activities.

Dani S.p.A. - Prodotti Style & Fashion

Leather hides suitable for footwear and fashion accessories, both with pragmatic characteristics and refinement, thanks to the carefully selected raw material and advanced production processes.



Leather goods:

Elegance, simplicity and transparency, all essential features to work with the most important brands.

Fine deer leather from North America (available also in small quantities from warehouse), with its typical features of softness and elasticity,  suits the manufacture of refined bags and small leather goods, such as wallets, key rings and even gloves.

Cowhides processed to emphasize structure and firmness or, conversely, to exalt softness and lightness.



Classic and sport footwear, sneakers but also elegant boots and moccasins, these are the different types of products that Dani is able to offer in footwear world. In addition to cowhides, Dani provides deer leather, also in this sector, that is particularly requested for orthopedic footwear, thanks to its characteristics of adaptation at the foot shape.

Dani S.p.A. - Prodotti Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech leather, waterproof but at the same time breathable – essential characteristics for hike, motorbike and military footwear.


One of Dani’s main strenghts, for more than 25 years, has been the technical footwear leather. Our best known article is Anfibio, a leather which ensures high technical performance, such as dynamic impermeability and water vapor permeability tests, transpiration, high thickness,  resistance and, finally, practicality.

There is a wide range of choices even among linings, that are suitable for the inner parts of the technical footwear.

Dani leather applications for this sector are:

  • • Trekking footwear                                                          • Motorcycle boots
    • Military Shoes                                                                   • Motorcycle clothing
     Footwear for safety in the workplace



<p>Dani S.p.A. - Prodotti Trasporti</p>

Dani S.p.A. supplies leather for all types of transportations, able to fulfill even the most demanding requirements for aviation, marine and railway transportations.



Some of the essential features, in order to meet the high standards of aviation and marine industries, are the following:  high resistance and duration in time, flame retardant properties, anti-drop tech, specific low weight, comfort and pleasant touch .... Several types of leathers produced for the marine sector meet the requirements of the IMO Resolution A.652 (16) certification.

We are also able to provide leathers that, starting from small quantities orders and in a very short time, are able to overcome much more invasive tests such as FAR 25.853 12 sec.

For more information on this service, please visit our section "Instant Service" or contact us directly.